Roof Inspections

All roofs, on both commercial and residential buildings, are major investments that need to function properly and be protected. No matter whether you are looking to purchase a building or you are the current owner of one, unforeseen roof problems can cause costly repairs. Not only can having a roof inspection completed help you prepare financially for the future, but also enable you to make educated purchasing decisions.

Common roof problems include curled, splitting, missing or blistering tiles or shingles; sagging between rafters; loose, corroded or missing flashing; improper air unit installation; rusting metal where the house and roof meet; and gutters that contain shingle granules.

Our inspections cover the following roofing materials:

-asphalt composition shingles
-wood shakes and shingles
-metal roofing
-clay and concrete tile

From the roof eaves or ground level our inspector looks at the following elements of a roof:

-roofing materials
-vents, flashing, skylights, chimneys and other roof penetrations
-general structure of the roof from readily accessible panels, doors and stairs

To schedule an inspection that will be completed by our InterNACHI Certified Roof Inspector, call us today at 863-670-3624.

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