Wind Mitigation

Florida's coastal areas are prone to experiencing hurricanes and high winds that can cause severe personal property damage, which means that many Florida residents carry windstorm insurance policies. Also, many lenders require customers to purchase a windstorm insurance policy to be approved for a mortgage. What many Florida residents do not know, though, is that a law was passed following Hurricane Andrew in 1992 that requires insurance companies to offer discounts for building features and improvements that can reduce damage caused by wind. But these premium reductions cannot be secured without a wind mitigation inspection.

During a wind mitigation inspection, our InterNACHI Certified Wind Mitigation Inspector assesses the ability of structural elements, including roof shape and age, exterior construction type, window and door protection, and construction year, to minimize the amount of destruction caused to your home by wind.

Contact us today at 863-670-3624 if you want to know what improvements you could make to your home to obtain insurance discounts, or you have completed home upgrades and desire lower insurance premiums.


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