There are several elements we look for when inspecting decks, including loose or missing anchors, unstable handrails and rails, loose or missing beams, rotting or splitting wood, and loose or missing nails and screws.

According to InterNACHI, only 40 percent of the 45 million decks that currently exist are completely safe. With more than two million decks being repaired and constructed every year in the United States, the risk of suffering an injury due to an unsafe deck is only increasing. Luckily, these accidents are preventable if decks are built according to International Residential Codes.

It is a common misconception that decks are simple to construct, but just like any structure, they must be built to withstand a number of stresses, including seismic activity, wind, and the weight of people and objects. Decks must also be accompanied by appropriate railings, handrails and step infill spacing.

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